A Shift In Paradigm


Exploring 21st Century Society For Everyday People

This non-fiction book represents my views on core issues that affect us all in our-day to-day lives, based upon ideals that I believe many people would agree with. The topics covered range from sex, violence, religion, politics and economics, right through to the family, relationships, welfare benefits, health matters, education, the media, Europe, information technology, the judicial system, social issues, the environment and employment of young people.  

The book’s main theme is that today’s politicians, leaders and people holding positions of power in business and industry have generally failed to understand, and act upon, the big challenges that people face and have to deal with. Consequently, we need a shift in paradigm, now.  I offer some solutions and simple strategies of the ills afflicting our society and a synopsis at the end of each chapter.



A Compilation Of Poems That I Have In Mind For You

This collection of poems is aimed at appealing to people of all ages, background and experience or otherwise, of poetry.  They are about all different subjects and of varying length, reflecting the spectrum of life’s experiences (in particular my own).  I am a poet who does not want to be pigeonholed.

Funny, serious, short and long, there’s something here for everyone, to enjoy

I was inspired to pen a few verses about a journey on the M25 in 2013 and a love of poetry began right then.  My poetic juices were stirred and often overflow which has led to the composition of countless poems ever since.

This book should prove to be an ideal introduction to poetry for people who have never been a fan of this literary form as well as those who are already “well into it.”  Included are poems about men, women, marriage, lifestyle and health, political and social issues as well as many other themes.

Both of these books can be purchased as a paperback via www.amazon.co.uk  and other distribution channels.  They can also be downloaded as an eBook at the Amazon Kindle Store.